is the network for manufacturers, wholesalers and payers who need to analyze, understand and manage their pharmacy activity to achieve increased profitability and business efficiencies. We work with more than 300 manufacturers, wholesalers and managed care organizations to positively impact pharmacy purchasing, dispensing, reimbursement and contracting strategy through secure online communications, analytics and proprietary business intelligence tools.

Background, started in early 2000 to enhance business relationships between manufacturers and retail chain pharmacies through direct online communication, has since evolved into the pharmaceutical industry’s essential link between pharmacy and more than 300 manufacturing and managed care organizations.

In early 2006, experienced a management-led buyout with a private investor. Under this new ownership, we are better able to fully utilize our network’s capabilities to gather and analyze critical sales data, track market shifts surrounding industry events and provide manufacturers and managed care organizations with the data required to deliver targeted communications and analytics that impact pharmacy purchasing, dispensing and contracting decisions.

Our Culture believes strongly in recruiting and retaining a core group of creative, inspired and innovative individuals who most effectively serve our clients. We believe in building and supporting a neutral and collaborative industry platform that enables our clients, from large to small, to be more profitable and efficient.

Our core values are defined by:

  • Passion and spirit
  • Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Integrity and honesty
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